The Weekend…Being

As the president of  the weekends are wonderful committee, I’d like to officially say “Welcome to the weekend!” Granted I don’t know if that committee exist, but if it did I’d be on it as the president and also volunteer as the official greeter. I am looking forward to this weekend for a number of reasons, but mainly,  I’m looking forward to less doing and more being.  The next 72 hours have more time allotted for me to simply be. Whether it’s be with a book, be with my journal, be with my Jesus (After Christmas I find the Lenten season and Easter to be truly meaningful and poignantly purposeful times for me), be with my creativity in the kitchen and serving it up to a few dear friends Saturday evening, be with music that has me being with myself as I dance across hardwood floors, or be with a film that comes highly recommended from  friend- I will be. The only thing that I am doing this weekend is attending a play with my mom and sister (a different kind of girls night xxoo) and getting my hair done (if my bangs get any longer I won’t be able to see). Otherwise I’m all about being this weekend. Until Monday, less doing and more being!!!!  xxoo

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