Can’t LIVE Without…A Touch of Simplicity

When things are a little hectic, overwhelming, or perplexing I have found that it can be helpful to do something small to add just a touch of simplicity to the day. To distract you from the complex, and remind you that things eventually get better and beauty in the midst of challenging times is not as elusive as it may seem.  In fact I have found that the act of simplicity, like taking a moment to look up, can prove refreshing and alter perspective. Other times I find simplicity in leaving the office a few minutes early and heading to a coffee shop to find a window seat and people watch. See nothing major, no pulling out the credit and for a $350.00 spa day. Just little things to keep me grounded and living a simple life. Here are a few of my simple tricks for the anything but simple times in life.

Fresh Flowers Bedside
During the spring and summer I purchase fresh flowers pretty regularly and I keep them bedside.  I absolutely positively love waking up to fresh flowers. They are an instant reminder of beauty in a day that hasn’t fully gotten underway and the artistic nature of God.

Photo courtesy of me 

Window Seat and a Warm Beverage
It doesn’t really matter what coffee shop as long as they serve a warm beverage that soothes my soul and stills my mind. Some days it’s Elixer and other days, like last Wednesday, it was a stool at a window seat at Starbucks. Either way for under four bucks I get to reset, refresh, and renew.

Photo courtesy of me

Looking Up
Literally I take the tie to stop and look up. I am amazed at how tall trees and buildings really are. How vast the sky really is. That the clouds are moving much faster than i ever draw them to be on pieces of paper. This is the tree in front of my house and some mornings, the ones where I am somewhere between sad and mad that it’s barely 6:30am and I am out the door, I look up.

Photo courtesy of me 

Five Ingredient Wheat Free Cookies
I don’t now if it gets simpler than backing rich delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies that require 5 ingredients (peanut butter, chocolate chips, egg, baking soda, and sugar) and take 8 minutes to back. plus, since when doesn’t homemade baking add a touch of the simple life? I discovered these at community lunch this past Sunday and made them myself later that afternoon, brought some to coworkers and wowed them 🙂 
Photo courtesy of

Clean and Crisp
Nothing says clean, crisp, effortless, classic, and chic like a made for my body type white button down shirt. I have plenty in my closet and n the days when I just want to keep my look simple because Lord knows everything else about the day is anything but, it’s my go to. I can pair it with skinny jeans, pants, or cords, a pencil skirt, boyfriend jeans, with basically anything my need for simplicity soul desires and know I will look simply great.

Photo courtesy of Andreas Ohlund for Gap

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