Can’t LIVE Without..Memories from DC

I couldn’t have been blessed with a better weekend than this past weekend to head to DC and reset. The weather was GORGEOUS! I thoroughly enjoyed my hotel stay, the parks, the food, the run ins with the handsome gentlemen, the people watching, oh and the museums.  In any event I snapped a few pics because I can’t LIVE without capturing a great time and sharing them below…including the guy I mentioned in Monday’s post with the inflatable breast in the pink bra.   Get scrolling xxoo

All about the food cart life in front of Farragut Square. I had two baked empanadas from the Baked emapanada Truck.. Muy Bueno! #foodie

The redline was my bff this weekend getting me to and from union station, the museums, the shops, everywhere I wanted to go basically.
Plus DC’s public transit system is so efficient.

Photo courtesy of Roger Ballen. He titled it “Gladiator”

Another Roger Ballen Photo. This one was titled “Bird Woman”

“Freed by the music”


There was a series about masks and headdresses at the African Art Museum. This one was front and centered.

This is the gongoli mask. It is purposely made ugly and used to interject light entertainment at solemn celebrations such as funerals. 

Nothing like an afternoon stroll through the garden of the sculpture museum.

Right in front  of the sculpture museum.

This installation at the National Gallery of Art made me laugh. There were 480 of theses squares and the title of the piece “480 plaster surrogates.”

I call this picture and the one below “In between.” I was equal distance from both. I turned left and snapped a picture then turned right and snapped the other. And I love love LOVE the sky in both pictures.

I call this “Men gossip too”. These figures were also at the sculpture museum in the garden area.

“Open Sesame”

Robert Frost talked about two roads, I had three benches. I chose the one in the middle. I call this picture “Choose Wisely”

Nothing like watching a group of skaters skate through the park

I believe this tree belongs in a Dr. Seuss book.

There was the breast cancer walk

And the guy supporting them as best he could with his inflatable breasts.

I promise you it was 11am when I was on this metro and well I was the only person in my car. I call this photo “Where have all the people gone?”

One of my FAVORITE boutiques to visit in DC. For so many reasons.

Can we say new summer tote?

And make up bag?

I could learn Italian. Plus it just reminded me of Eat Pray Love, and I heart that movie.

This photo was in the American Portrait Gallery titled Four Justices.

I enjoyed all three of theses exhibits.

In first grade I did I report on Gwendolyn Brooks. I had jus learned about her and wanted to be a writer like her…and I still want that.

I am all about a red lip…however it was a good thing this picture was titled “Lady with the red mouth.”

And this picture of Dizzy Gillespie was the last piece of art I took in before my legs made it abundantly clear I needed to sit down for a bit.

What a wonderful fortune I got after enjoying chicken Pad Thai from Chalin’s. Wonderful service and very well prepared food. #foodie 

 The weekends accessories…hanging in the dressing room while I as fitting to try on some fantastically feminine dresses.

I’ve learned a lot about necessary endings being blessed beginnings in disguise.


  1. kar karibbean · May 7, 2014

    You have just made me want to hop in my car, take 95 south to Landover, get on the Orange Line, and explore! 🙂

    Instead, I'll see you in a half-hour. Duty calls.


  2. Ahyana · May 8, 2014

    Oh it was such a good time. Make the trip. I won't tell. I look forward to going back in about a month for new adventures. xxoo


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