Can’t LIVE Without….An End of The Day Sweet Treat

Things have slowed down at my 9-5 and it has been truly welcomed. Nonetheless I still look forward to going home and easing into my evenings with any number of refreshing sweet treats. Whether it’s popsicles, margaritas, sorbet and champagne floats, fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade, or a tall glass of sparkling water with fresh raspberries and blackberries, I simply can’t LIVE without these little end of the day pick me ups and I don’t think you should either. wink wink!

DIY Marbleized Popsicles
Click here to make your own

Photo courtesy of Athena Plitcha for Subtly

DIY Melon Fresh Herb Sorbet
Click here to make your own

Photo courtesy of  Naomi Robinson

DIY Bubbly and Fresh Fruit 
It’s coconut water, pineapple juice, orange juice, and some of your favorite champagne, with fresh cut strawberry and pineapple. Sit, sip, and enjoy.

Photo courtesy of A. Turman

DIY Sorbet and Champagne Float
Just get a glass, and fill it with a few scoops of your favorite fruit flavored sorbet, and add champagne.Cheers!

Photo courtesy of Kitchen

And then, the best part is you make your sweet treat, find a sweet seat, and put your feet up!

Photo courtesy of Steve

*Please note, for my sweet readers who are alcohol free there are all type of  alcohol substitutes. There are a variety of sparking fruit flavored waters,  fruit flavored ciders (Trader Joe’s has a great selection), to sprite and or ginger ale.

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