The Weekend…Officially Unofficially Welcoming Summer

Welcome to the weekend! It’s Memorial Day Weekend…the unofficial yet totally official start of summer!!! At least her in the US. I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to the extended weekend…although Monday morning I am up and out the house, on a plane and headed to Indianapolis for a week. I am attending NCORE, the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education. But..tonight I get to see my not so little little cousin off to her junior prom, and Saturday, like true memorial day weekend style, there is a BBQ at my cousin’s new home and then packing (i.e. pulling out the sandals and new sunnies, updating my ipod with new music that’s recently stolen my heart) for my trip, and Sunday is reserved for…rest! Until Monday! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Lilly Who’s ready to eat?!
Photo courtesy of Cooking Nothing like grilled food, especially grilled veggies. #foodie
The not so little cousin who goes on her junior prom tonight circa January 2013 at my old place. ❤ her!

Photo courtesy of A little flat but a lotta daring. Puurrrfect for freshly pedicured toes!  xxoo
Photo courtesy of  Refinery  Throwing a little shade xxoo
Kwesi K- Fell in LOVE with his EP “Pronouns.” Uploading to the ipod for my trip. Photo courtesy of

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