Can’ LIVE Without…Being In The Air Again

I’ll be in the sky again. Believe it or not it’s been over two months since I last flew anywhere. And after lots of teasing at various holiday weekend celebrations this past weekend about me always going somewhere, I didn’t disappoint them when I shared I was in Indianapolis (I’ve never been here) this week. In fact from now until August I’ll be traveling some where whether it’s a close as Harrisburg for a dear friends wedding or DC and NYC to catch up with old friends and housemates, or as far as Seattle  (I’ve never been here either) in July  for work, and Los Angeles to see my west coast nephew and San Francisco to see my soul mates in August…I am on the road again. The way I see it, I’m young, single, and adventurous so I might as well indulge being adventurous and getting in as much sight seeing, people meeting, different food eating in as possible.  I heart traveling and can’t LIVE without being on the road (or in the sky) again!

Photo courtesy of Equinox Photography
Photo courtesy of  A. Nymus on 
Photo courtesy of Shannon kaiser, edits (crossing out those “nevers”) by me xxoo
Photo courtesy of Nikki Kreps
Photo courtesy of Rowena Murillo

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