Can’t LIVE Without…memories from Idianapolis

I cannot cannot CANNOT believe this time last week I was in Indianapolis attending the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education with 2200 other students and higher education professionals.  My experience was amazing. From the information learned, conversations had until the early hours of the morning with nerdy attractive types, the food from food trucks like Citizen Hash,  move your body music from artists like Las Cafeteras and Olmeca, catching up with friends like my friend Randy from undergrad, walks through out the city and the gorgeous canal that runs trough downtown Indianapolis, my experience was nothing short amazing and soul nourishing. So I can’t LIVE without sharing some pictures from my trip to Indy.

At the Philadelphia airport waiting for my flight, new sandals that I got in new york city, and was excited to sport to a new city that I’ve never been to..oh and my free  mango smoothie courtesy of Jamba Juice.
Photo courtesy of Randy Blackford…this was my home for a week and a gorgeous home it was.
I have been to a lot of airports, but no race car displays. I suppose it makes since that this is the display in the Indianapolis airport.

Friday night was bike night and not just motorcycles. Saw quite a few of theses as we left BARceleona, a great Latin food tapas style restaurant.

Some nights you go out for a walk with one guy, milkshakes with another (but this guy was my dear friend Randy), and then hang out with another guy (the nerdy attractive type) after that…until like I don’t know 4am.

Not only do I send post cards to people when I travel, I like to pick up goodies for my nephews. So we have some western cookie cutters for the east coast and the west coast nephew.

One of several war memorials throughout the city.
And here we are again. Another city. Another CVS. Another selection of alcohol. I really think Pennsylvania longs for the prohibition era.
A small snapshot of the canal that was right across the street from my hotel. I don’t even know how many times I walked the canal. Each time with a different person. Each time a little longer of a walk than the last.

Under the various bridges over the canal were murals.  And with a name that means beautiful know I got a thing for flowers.

I think this mural was my favorite. It’s two girls facing each other blowing bubbles. In the bubbles are different women at different ages and stages in life. Or depictions of different life stages in general. #womanpower #girlpower

One of my favorite pictures, capturing the mural of the four seasons, but I love the reflection of the beams in the water. High fived my novice photographer self

Did I mention my hotel was across  the street from the city’s cultural trail?  This included various sculptures throughout the trail like this one.

A map of the park and cultural trail

These beauties were outside the Indian State Museum…also across the street from my hotel. and they reminded me of one of my favorite feel good movies, Ice Age 🙂

At the center of the cultural ode to color, and ode to difference, an ode to similarity, an ode to culture,                   an ode to unity.
So I stumbled upon these lovely books at the conference. Totally digging the “Girls are not chicks” coloring book.
There was a mobile African American women in history museum display. So much rich history and what a reminder that freedom isn’t free. I mean look at this. Women jailed for freedom. #womanpower #girlpower

I did not order this sandwich as I don’t eat pork, but I had to take a snapshot. Would you believe such a meal existed if I didn’t have the picture?

And this was the view from room 1210, my room. gorgeous. Oh, and this is a little after 9pm! Yup all that light out 🙂

It was calling my I answered. It was so delicious, sweet, just like me xxoo

Photo courtesy of Randy Blackford. He waitied in line with me and then didn’t get anything and dashed of to a meeting. I said I am a foodie and about the foodtruck life. Here’s the proof. I got the cheese cachapa and enjoyed it with my new friends from Seattle. #foodie #foodtrucklife

Photo courtesy of Randy Blackford. Last night in Indianapolis and I get attacked by a bear. Okay, not really. I was in the fudge shop and there was this bear an I couldn’t resist 🙂

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  1. Unknown · June 7, 2014

    love the commentary – especially how i'm the only one named! LOL


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