Can’t LIVE Without Half Time

And I don’t mean the Superbowl either. I mean being half way through 2014 and taking some time to check in on how the year is going for you and how you intend for the rest of the year to go. It’s a good time to pull out the list of goals you made at the start of the new year. If you didn’t make any goals or resolutions, that’s okay. There’s still nothing wrong with sitting down and taking a little time to check in with how you’re LIVE-ing and have been LIVE-ing for the past six months. This past weekend I did this. I looked at the goals I set a the start of the year, where I am now, and what I am planning for what I hope the rest of my year looks like.

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That List of Goals
I brought my journal with me. It’s where my new years goals were listed, three goals that I kept pretty simple.  Save more, stay local more, maintain healthy lifestyle. What goals did you have at the start of the year or maybe recently, or left over from last year that you have been working on? In fact, let me make it simple, what three goals did you have at the start of the year or maybe recently, or left over from last year that you have been working on?

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 Assessing That List of Goals
I’m doing really well with my one goal, and that’s saving more money. There was another I’m not doing too awesome at, and that’s staying local and low key at least two weekends a month.  Huge fail. In fact the only weekend in June that I am local is the very last weekend. Other than that from start to finish I have been or will be in another city and in most instances..another state. The third has been maintaining my commitment to healthier living. I’m doing okay wth this goal. Frozen yogurt is better than ice ream right? Your turn. Break out your list and keep it real. What goals are you meeting and which one’s get a thumbs down? 

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Creating New Goals
What’s a weekend of planning without planning to take a break when you’ve reached the goal to completing the plan for various parts of your life or projects you’re working on without a break? Well my breaks included everything from watching the Suze Orman show which helped me think of even more ways to save and be a better steward of my finances. I gout out and got some exercise, sun shine and people watching which helped with the healthy living goal but also provided a lot of inspiration for the blog, and I got a margarita. That sent me back to my room which culminated in me writing. As I wrote and looked at my list I added a few new goals that were specific to certain aspects of my life that are important to me, like this here blog and working on my career versus my job.You’re not the same person as you were January 1, 2014 or May 1 2014. What are some new goals that better reflect you currently  and things that might be more important to you now compared to six months ago? It’s okay to have new priorities and new goals to go with them.

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Checking The Big Picture
As I looked at what I wrote, scratched, checked, circled, put a question mark next too, what stayed in list form and what got written in my planner as a daily, weekly, or monthly to do I also made sure it all reflected the big picture. I made sure that how I was living and wanted to LIVE over the next couple of moths added up to the person I want and believe I am purposed to be.  I worked backwards, using the hoped for end to help me in my continued beginning. What are you hoping your life looks like in the end? Are you setting realistic goals and taking steps today to reach that end?

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Taking It All In
I also used this time to take in the first half of the year.  I reflected on things that weren’t goals but happened and have contributed to who I am today and how I am choosing to LIVE. I put down the paper, planner, tablet, and pen and just sat with the day, week, and months prior. I high fived myself for a lot of things, uttered “It hurts,” for the  things that still hurt, allowed myself to be excited for the things that I started planing and am newly hopeful will end well. While I encourage you to pull out the  list of previously set goals, assess them, create new ones, check in on the big picture, if you do none of those and just do this last thing, just take it all in, I am convinced you’ll be better for it. I’m convinced it will truly be a highlight (cause we’re really talking about highlighting all your highlights so far, like  bet hits list for the first half of your year) for your game of life this year before you have to suit up and get back out on the field and go for the win.

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