Can’t LIVE Without…Hosting a Summer Soiree

I love hosting. It doesn’t matter what else I have going on professionally or personally, there is something about hosting that gets me exited and takes my creativity to another level. In Monday’s post I mentioned hosting a graduation party in under two weeks, that was a true story. Complete with me being in NYC for work and totally using a little down time to go to party city and get party goods. So hopefully it comes as no surprise that with summer officially upon us I am already talking about how I can’t LIVE without hosting a summer soiree, gathering, get together, hang out, etc. Did I mention I’m having a few ladies over for dinner tomorrow?

Light and Savory
It’s the perfect time to serve up light flavorful dishes, allowing a variety of salads to serve as main dishes instead or side dishes. Serving up more grilled or baked foods as opposed to fried and enjoying a variety of fruits and veggies in their pure raw unmanipulated not even salt and pepper to taste state.

Photo courtesy of Give Me Some

Al Fresco
Break out the sweet patio furniture and enjoy your dining outdoors. Even for a city girl like me, I heart having a little grassy knoll in the back yard perfect for dinning evening sky side.

Photo courtesy of the Oh Joy! Collection

Color Color Color
Not that you can’t implement the use of color during other seasons, you totally can. But with summer I like to think there is more of a no holds bar approach. Between the abundance of fresh flowers, popsicle and ice cream flavor inspired table and flatware, what is a summer gathering without pops of color?

Photo courtesy of Oh Joy! blog as featured on Sam

Succulent Sips
I have never pinned so many super sweet beverage recipes on my pinterest board.  From flavorful cocktails to various spins on lemonade and iced teas, I have so enjoyed breaking out any number of pitchers, glass, and funky colored plastic ones too, to serve up some oh so delicious and oh so refreshing essence of summer drinks.

Photo courtesy of Wedding

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