The Weekend…Catching Up

Welcome to the weekend! Congratulations for finishing up the week. I don’t know about your week but mine was one of the fullest weeks I have had in a very long time including a day with back to back meetings, a day spent in traveling,  new student orientation at my university, talking with parents who have concerns about their student transitioning to college, speaking at a church (which by far was a HUGE blessing and privilege), and getting sick. Don’t worry, I think I’m already on the upswing from the sick part…or that could be he medicine talking.

In any event this weekend seems to be the perfect weekend for me to play catch up on everything from a few books I started and stopped and started and stopped and could actually start and finish. And then there are a few good people, a couple of them are my west coasters, who have sent my phone a buzzing that I am going call back. I’ve got a few hey there and thank you notes to craft and send. Then there’s rest. I don’t really subscribe to being able to catch up on rest, but this weekend I am making more room for it than I usually do.  Until Monday! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Tree

Photo courtesy of EmDash Paper Company as found on
Photo courtesy of Urban

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