Can’t LIVE Without..A "To Be" List

We (and by we, most of humanity, and definitely us Americans) are awfully wonderful at creating to do list. And if you are like me you have even made strides toward a stop doing list. But what about a to be list? What about starting your day, your eyes flirting with whatever spot it chooses on your ceiling and instead of running down the day’s list of to do’s you ran down a short list of to be. I’ve started a to be list these past few weeks. I write down the person I want to be that day and then I work at being that person. I really enjoy it and it’s made it’s way to my list of things I can’t LIVE without.  Here are a few of  the usual characteristics I hope to be and embody on most days.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of Heidi Selmane for Vogue Russia March 2011



Photo courtesy of Under Armor


That’s me, laughing it up during the 1 year blog birthday photo shoot. Photo courtesy of Matt King


Photo courtesy of Anna Meacham as found on Flickr


Photo courtesy of AnneMarie Eddy as pinned on Pinterest

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