Can’t LIVE Without…Memories from Seattle

So last week I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle, Washington for the first time and I absolutely loved it! It is a gorgeous city by the water. I woke up each morning for a morning walk and the smell of the water, you know that beachy smell, greeted me along with the sun and the usual busy that comes with any city. I learned, I laughed, I looked, I liked, and I LIVEd. Oh and I took a few pics cause you already know I can’t LIVE without memories from my travels, so here are a few from Seattle!

My first morning I managed to see so many things, including this sculpture and fountain smack in the middle of Seattle University’s campus. 

Gluten free pizza, mozzarella, ricotta, Parmesan, and artichokes courtesy of Zpizza. #yum #foodie

So there was this cafe a few blocks from my hotel and they advertised…a Philly Cheese Steak. Nope, if it ain’t Philly, it ain’t a Philly Cheese Steak.

But that same cafe did make an amazing fritatta stuffed with onions, peppers, potatoes, and cheese. Um…I didn’t even eat half of this. It was so incredibly good but way too much. #yum #foodie

By the third morning I made it down to the waterfront and happened upon these two folks. 

The great wheel that you could see from so many points in downtown Seattle. 

I call this picture “Silent Night.” 

So on my last night I ordered a gluten free pizza from Mod. I ordered the Lucy Sunshine, three cheeses, artichokes ,chicken, and a few dollops of tomato sauce.

Pike Place open market…amazing on EVERY level. 

This is for my friend who calls me a unicorn. Although this on kinda scares me 😦

I wonder if any time means 3:27am? And can my $4.00 be in quarters, nickels, and pennies? 

My pizza from Mod. #yum #foodie

The fresh everything at the public market was amazing and the samples….tasty blessings. 

So a foodie walks into a bookstore….seriously this was the first section of books I happened upon, food and entertaining. 🙂 

Pretty sure he was not ready for his photo op….or to be cooked. 

Shamelessly I admit to having at least three of these quinoa power salads from Veggie Grill during my trip. They were just so fresh and so green. 

Guess who stumbled upon an Antique shop?!

Then there was the fudge shop…I got red velvet fudge. God’s little blessing to me on a Sunday afternoon. #SweetSunday

Cause brushing and flossing can be oh so sweet.

One more from the vintage store.

For me friend who calls me “Boss Lady.”

Who says 3 is a crowd? And who says an afternoon glass of wine isn’t simply refreshing? #winelover

And teeth brushing and body cleaning can be savory? Idk I just thought it was funny. 

Me, so sad to be leaving #solongSeattle

Me practicing the art of the selfie. I am so not good at them and I think I am okay with that. 

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