Can’t LIVE Without…East Coast Endings

So it’s my last Wednesday as an east coaster. This time next week I’ll be easing into my Spokanite (yup that’s what we’re called, looked it up on wikipedia, yes wikipedia) ways. As my time winds down here there are a few things that I am making sure that I see and or do before saying adios, ciao, au revoir, peace out girl scout. So some of the things on my east coast endings list includes

University City Dinning Days..headed to Vientiane Cafe tonight with some lovely ladies from my small group at the church I’ve been attending. #foodie #Westphillyisthebestphilly

Photo courtesy of J. Fusco for GPTMC as found on

Capogiro Gelato…and eating it in Rittenhouse Park. Can’t tell you how many amazing conversations I’ve had over their gelato in the park and interesting people I’ve met. My favorite flavors are definitely the Thai Coconut Milk, Bourbon Vanilla, and their Dark Chocolate. Oh and the Nutella. Yum!

Photo courtesy of Capogiro

Mad Mex with an old coworker. Honestly, every #MadMex happy hour I have ever attended has been with a former corker. Even as I write this, all of those former coworkers have worked with me at WOAR. And so before heading to Vientiane Cafe I am headed to happy hour at Mad Mex with my dear sweet oldie but so goodie coworker Andrea.

Photo courtesy of Icon John as posted on Four

There are a few more mornings that I will spend at The Green Line Cafe. I have so enjoyed walking the six tree lined gorgeous twin and three story house blocks to get a cup of coconut cream, vanilla chair. or lavender tea. It’s just such a simple peaceful way to start the day, take in some sunshine or whine to the clouds, see neighbors and other coffee shop regulars, before the tasks of the day demand to have  their way with me. #gettingoverthehump #SabbathSociety

Photo courtesy of Green Line

South Street. Lets face it. Every city may have it’s equivalent, but there is only one South Street like Philadelphia’s South Street. Furthermore it’s home to #SweetFreedom Bakery, a wonderfully delicious gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly, actually tastes good bakery. I look forward to picking up a sweet treat from them before heading to Spokane. There’s also #TheMagicGarden, a sweet house, garden, garage, and terrace full of mosaic artwork. Plus I have some petty lovely memories from south street, and by lovely  really mean humorous.

Photo courtesy of Anne C. Lear

Sweet Freedom cupcakes, Photo Couresy of Lori M. Nichols

New York City is on my list. We shall see if I can make it happen. I really hope so. Things are a little tight with wrapping things up with the house, renting or selling, filling out forms, etc. But I want to sneak up there even if just for a few hours for one last time. It’ll be a while before I can visit those bright lights in that bright city.

Photo courtesy of Christine from The View from

Living, Loving, and Laughing with the Locals is on the calendar for Friday night. One of my sweet sweet ridiculously beautiful and talented friends Serena has taken on hosting a So long Philly shin dig for me with a few lovely ladies from the area and I am so grateful for her organizing and so looking forward to one more ladies least here. I’m sure there will be plenty to be had out west. wink wink!

Me and a few of the local ladies last Fall 2013

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