The Weekend…Saying So Long

Helloooooo Friday! Granted my last day of work was Monday, but it’s been a long week. I have sustained exactly one bruise and two scrapes with my continued moving efforts. There have been some frustrating days when I was disappointed with myself and then some victorious days where I surprised myself with how well I managed something. So, yup, I am glad it’s the weekend. Plus….when all of your friends are working, it’s kind of boring. But the weekend will change all of that. Especially this weekend. I’ve got friends gathering tonight to host my So Long Philly party, I’ve got a one on one schedule with my youngest brother, and then Sunday I am in NYC for brunch to say so long to folks I know there. Until Monday…So long! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Stacey Achuck

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Photo courtesy of Maria Papadopoulos
Photo courtesy of Live Internet.RU as pinned on

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