The Simply One Way Life

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I bought my first one way ticket about a week or so ago and it was strange. Mostly because I’ve always purchased round trip tickets, save for a flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. I ‘ve never not purchased a ticket back to Philadelphia. I’ve never not had going back as an option. And yet for as strange as it was to select “one way” instead of “round trip” on the southwest website, I did it, emailed the itinerary to my parents, and went on with my day.

As the congratulations and questions came in about my moving across country to start a new job, I thought more about my one way ticket experience; my commitment to moving, my decision to not select coming back. Accepting the job and making the move was a rather easy decision in all frankness. It is time for such a transition and a better opportunity could not have presented itself. Wrapping my head around the decision and what this transition means is a different story. And I do mean different.

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It could be because I am getting older, (I ‘ll be 30 next week yall, Pow! Pow!) but making decisions where turning back is not an option are decisions I am becoming increasingly confident with. This is new and different for me. In the past I have found great comfort in decisions where going back, changing my mind, partially committing,  were options. It felt safe to know that if things did not go as hoped, planned, desired, or needed, I could go back. Furthermore, sometimes, I could go back and no one would even know that my attempt to do different or other failed. No need to put band aids on unhurt pride 🙂

What I am learning about making “one way” decisions is they have a way of empowering you and emboldening you to do what is best for you. They have a way of tuning out unnecessary noise, opinions, and chatter, and helping you hone in on what is best for you. They tone and build your personal responsibility, accountability, and boundary muscles. They have a way of egging on self acceptance, not at the cost of ignoring or refusing to seek and value wise counsel from others. Seeking wise counsel is still a great thing. But approval seeking, polling, and the advice of well meaning gossips is not so great.

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Then there’s the peace. Oh gosh. I honestly have had more peace in making “one way” decisions than the peace I wanted when going back was an option. I thought knowing I could give up, stop, discontinue, or go back gave me great peace but it didn’t. The peace I have had making a decision that I am confident with and in has given me much more peace, or should I say real peace. Maybe it’s because the decisions are well thought out but not over thought, and continue to truly reflect me and less of the me that used to be borderline obsessed with how happy others were with me.

Maybe you’ve booked a few upcoming round trip tickets. after all it’s still summer and there are still vacations to be had , milestone birthdays to celebrate, weddings to attend, etc. But if you are booking round trip tickets on life choices (and I get that in and of itself is a choice) can I just encourage you to give those decisions a little more thought before clicking purchase?  Can I ask you to think a little more about why you want going back, not finishing, or giving up to be options? Now, if they are options because where you left is healthier than where you’re headed, by all means, go back. But if what’s behind just feels safe, is what you’ve known, and calms the fears many of us have with the thought of something new, different, or unknown, maybe you want to look into a one way ticket after all. I am Spokane Washington bound Tuesday morning yall. That’s my one way ticket for a new journey. Kind thoughts, well wishes, and prayers are appreciated 🙂

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