The Weekend…Something New

Welcome to the weekend! It’s my first Friday here in Spokane and thus my first weekend. It’s already full of everything from my first day as the new Assistant Dean of Intercultural Student Development at Whitworth University, to a fundraiser downtown  after work that includes tasting foods from various local restaurants, to writing thank you notes to my lovely ladies who threw me a WONDERFUL so long Philly party last Friday (can”t believe it’s been a week already), to reading my latest copy of British Glamour magazine, to more exploration of my new city including a few  bakery . Until Monday! xxoo

First day of work outfit  xxoo

Sending my gratitude on this pretty paper 
So what it’s July’s copy, the article about Alexa Chung turning 30 had me sold 
As a total SEPTA hater, so loving that this little ticket is $1.50 and gets me 2 hours of travel time!
So these aren’t gluten free so I won’t be eating them…however already found a few gf friendly bakeries! #foodie 

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