Cant LIVE Without….Celebrating My Birthday!!!!!

You already know I will celebrate anything, any time, and just abut anywhere. Today is no different. It’s my birthday!!!! I kissed my 20’s goodbye and am staring at 30 in deep awe, curiosity, and childlike wonderment.  Sure sure I am in the office today, but I am in sporting sequins via a super cute pencil squirt, and I brought party goods for my colleagues to join in the festivities. But I also have a few birthday traditions that are a part of the my birthday celebration.

A Bubble Bath
I mean come on, another year another reason to soak these lovely bones and keep that skin soft and glowing. 

Photo courtesy of white lights and late

Something New
Sometimes it’s new pajamas, sometimes it’s as a new dress, this year it’s the sparkling silver pencil skirt I snagged from Express. What’s a birthday without some sparkle?

Photo courtesy of  Bertrand Rindoff Petroff

As if my friends throwing me a brunch themed going away party wasn’t enough to share how much I love breakfast food. As a kid I was all about French toast for my birthday breakfast. Now it varies, but it’still something that’s indulgence worthy. This year I am headed out to breakfast with a new coworker. #foodie 

Photo courtesy of Breakfast at Tiffany’s film production team

I carve out time to reflect on the past year and this year I will definitely reflect on the past decade. I mean seriously. In my 20’s I had my first kiss, first real job, earned two degrees, traveled all over the US, rented my first apartment, bought my first house, learned how to drive, started my own business, stopped my own business, wrote for a magazine, spoke at my first national conference, and moved across the country, and this is the shirt list, the very short list of the past decade.

Photo courtesy of as pinned on Pinterest

We get to blow out candles and make a wish and I do the same right after all that reflecting I make a list of all I hope to experience in the next year like travel to Europe, turn my That’s What She Said posts into a book, and take a business class.

Photo courtesy of Blush ink on

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