The Simply In Transition Life

As I minimally freaked out before bed the other night because I was tired and didn’t have a prewritten post to share, I found myself humming the words to a song I hadn’t played in far too long. Be good to you. Vivian Green sings it and the words I soon began to sing were: 

I’ll only be good to you
(Only be good to you)
Be like I should to you
(Be like I should to you)
Be everything to you 
bring you nothing but the good stuff
I’ll give you good love

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And it wasn’t long before my hairbrush was my microphone, I was Vivian Green, belting the song out in the mirror. I was singing to myself when I stopped and listened to myself. And then felt a twinge in my stomach. I was no really being good to myself. I wasn’t being like I should. I was and am in transition an have totally been acting like business as usual.

Because somewhere in my mind packing up a house and making preparations for what needs to be done with the property in my absence, moving across the country to step into a role with more responsibility for various people than I’ve yet had in my career, planning training and orientations, observing and learning politics and dynamics of my new community, checking in with friends back east, saying yes to almost every invitation extended by new people as they could be potential friends, and then writing and posting on the blog with shotty internet at my new space is easy peasy. Right? Yeah nope. Wrong. 

Photo courtesy of redbook

So, in an effort to try being good to myself while in transition, I am going scale back some on the postings over the next couple of weeks. Don’t worry, I won’t drop off the face of the earth. I promise. I’m just going to be good to me. Be like I should to me. Be everything to me, bring nothing but good stuff, give myself good love. xxoo

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