The Simply…Go With The Flow Life

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One of my favorite moves is Something New with Sanaa Lathan and the oh so handsome Simon Baker. One of the lines in the film that Kenya (Sanna Lathan’s character) is encouraged to pay attention to is “Let go, let flow.”  There is something to be said for learning to do just that and sometimes…great things happen.

Like this past weekend. If you read my weekend post, at no point do I mention an art festival, trip to a winery, or seeing a Midsummer Night’s Dream.  But all of that happened because I just went with the flow. Like seriously went with the flow. Like walked out of my house at 12:30pm just to enjoy downtown Spokane before starting my 2pm shift at Unity in the Community and didn’t get home until just before 11pm. I said yes, and one invitation led to another an d I met great people, purchased some beautiful jewelry from local artists (you already know how I heart entrepreneurs), had a great glass of wine, had wonderful conversations, and learned a lot of amazing things about the history of my new city.

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Now, my initial no go with the flow plan including going home after the Unity in the Community festival, taking a nap, finishing laundry, cooking dinner, reading The Glitter Plan,  drinking  peach tea, and getting a head start on work for the upcoming week.  Just writing that makes me even more grateful I did say yes and I did go with he flow.

Plus, I think the go with the flow attitude becomes a staple in the pantry of transition. There are just times in life where if we value our mental, emotional, and physical health, it is in our best interest to let go and let flow. It’s better to go with what is happening and see where it leads us, helps us, teaches us, and feeds our souls. It’s a surrendering of sorts, and for as often as I find myself humming that hymn, I surrender all, I live the remix of it it…I Surrender all except _______, _________, _________, and _________, oh and _____________. But this transition is so prepping me for the game of life and has me studying plays in Let go let flow class 099, and I don’t mind.

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