Cant LIVE Without…A Distraction

I can’t believe I am even writing a post, let alone one that is even close to being pro distraction. But nonetheless I am. The learning curve of the culture at my new gig has been steep to say the least and if you think I got a thing about choices you should hear about my thing aka strong feelings about excellence. That being said steep new job culture learning curve + commitment to excellence = STRESS. Every now and then a good remedy for stress honestly can be a distraction, just a little something, or a bigger something, that is not stressful to think about or engage in. 

So amid late nights in the office belting it out to Ella, dirty dancing to Rhianna, searching for the bright green post it with blog post inspiration, and click clacking on the keyboard to  get things ready for student leadership training that starts today,  I have decided to indulge in a project that has been taking up residence in my mind since February of this year when my client died. I have given my mind complete permission to get excited, brainstorm, even research some things for this distraction. And you know what…I find myself smiling as I think about it and remain alert to creative inspiration for it. Smiling, less stressed, and ready to reengage all that super serious focusing that has to take place so i can um get stuff done, cause well I kinda get paid to get stuff done. Go find a distraction to get you over the hump. Happy Wednesday!

Photo courtesy of Garth Glazier

Photo courtesy of Bruceanne Owen as pinned on Pinterest
Photo courtesy of Greg, clue for my distraction
Photo courtesy of Nima Salimi, clue for my distraction

Photo courtesy of House, clue for my distraction 

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