The Weekend…Pig Out

No seriously that’s what I am doing this weekend. I am going to pig out.  Perhaps it’s  a new foodie community member’s dream to attend a six day food festival known as Pig Out in the Park.  I am so looking forward to trying new eats and hearing great live music by some local talent and taking in the sunshine. Then I am gonna pig out at home but not food pig out. Me time pig out. I have a list of post ideas that are asking me to further develop them and I’ve got those lovely 900 plus page Vogue, Elle, and In Style Magazines whispering my name and beckoning my fingers to turn their pages. Here’s to pigging out! Until Monday xxoo #stillintransition 

Photo courtesy of 

Pig Out in the Park 2014 - Spokane, WA - Aug 27 - Sept 1 - Celebrating 35 years
                                                                       Photo courtesy of

                                                              Photo courtesy of Vogue UK

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