Can’t LIVE Without…A San Francisco Morning

I looked better, felt better, was better. Those few days in San Francisco were exactly what I needed to get back to me and I was and am so ridiculously grateful. I even told a friend that sometimes I think that place is magic. We laughed, but um, well let’s put t this way I have yet to put my finger on a single thing that happens or that I do that proves to be restorative for my soul. It’s every thing about that place. The spaces that I get to just be, conversations had, sights seen, people met, etc. that “magically” coaxes me back to myself. I think the magic starts in the morning and when I am not in San Francisco I find myself replicating those mornings and they make a world of difference.  I simply can’t LIVE Without a San Francisco Morning!

Waking Up 
It’s all about waking up but not necessarily getting up. In fact I purposely go to bed with my journal, tablet, bible, and magazine within reach so that when I wake up I can choose any of the four to write in/on or read. There is no alarm off and feet hitting the floor. It’s just a mater of waking up, taking in a few deep breaths, and choosing something that speaks to me and allows me to be.

Photo courtesy of Lashuntrice Bradley of searching for my, edits, mine 

Something to Sip On
When I’m in San Francisco I am spoiled because my aunt simply asks if I’d like tea, I respond in the affirmative, and viola I have tea. Anything from jasmine green tea to chocolate tea. Now at home, I get on up, put the kettle on, make my own, and crawl back into bed. I sip slowly, purposefully, and gratefully.

Mug of the weekend with Numi Jasmine Green Tea…delish xxoo

A Bit Before a Bite
Without fail I eat pre breakfast or I suppose an appetizer, although I don’t think we usually think of appetizers in regards to breakfast. Nonetheless that’s what I have. It’s something light and small, a yogurt, a piece of fruit, a slice of toast with some delicious fruit preserve adorning it. And then a few hours later when I am finally ready to get up, I have an actual meal for breakfast.  Sometimes this means I pack breakfast to bring with me to the office and eat later in the morning.

Photo courtesy of Grace Doe as pinned on Pinterest

Sweet Indulgence
I carve out hours for the things I always say I am going to do but don’t. I read a book I’ve downloaded or brought with me, write letters or emails that are more personal and reflective in nature and not to plan, request a quote, book, or exchange documents to be edited, and spend time checking in on some of my life goals that aren’t connected to work. My creativity just gushes and it is the sweetest thing. 

Photo courtesy of 

Up and Out
At some point I do get up and out of bed and carry on with the day. I put on something that is full of color, a little funky, and nails Ahyana Jenise King. Even with work I push the limits, with bold colors, mixing patterns or textures, and pulling out at least one obnoxious accessory (my accessory game is tight). I tackle the day with curiosity and openness, expectation of goodness, and I resign defensiveness.

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