The Simply Back To Basics Life Part Dos

Photo courtesy of This Is Glamorous on Flickr. com

So last Monday’s post was written as I anticipated my weekend getaway to San Francisco. It was written with the expectation that if I could get to a place I am familiar with, that reflects me, that I know, and is home to people who know a good deal about me and giving me room to be me, then maybe just maybe I would feel even more like myself and more comfortable being myself in my new city. I wrote out of hope and in hindsight-desperation. I was desperate for rebounding and getting back to the things about me and my lifestyle that helped me navigate whatever life was tossing my way.

I got into San Francisco pushing 11pm Friday night. I was tired from a long day, partially spent in the office, partially spent coaching myself into leaving office stuff at the office and out of my mind and smartphone for the next 48 hours. I reached my aunt’s sweet Union Square condo a little after midnight, went through an abbreviated bedtime routine, didn’t set my alarm, and crawled into the white and pastel peach linened bed. 

Photo courtesy of E. Berjey as pinned on Pinterest

Morning came and it was the sun struggling past the clouds and into the thinly veiled windows that woke me. I laid in bed looking at the familiar ceiling, reached for my tablet and decided it was a great time to catch up on blog posts. By 10 my aunt and I had chatted about work, I was teased for sleeping in ( she knows even on weekends and vacations I am usually up and ready for the day by 8) and she was headed to the farmers market. I began sipping my Jasmine green tea and reading while still in my pajamas. It. Was. Wonderful. I had barely been awake for an hour and already felt more like myself than I had in weeks. 

I high fived myself for taking time to reset….or to get back to the basics. Well done for coming to a place where I have a little bit of control that leads to confidence and makes constant reassessing and asking “is it me?” Taboo. Well done to re engaging in routines like starting the day with tea and quiet weren’t casualties to the war of exhaustion and hitting snooze 5 times. 

Photo courtesy of Chris at Aveda, me and my glam squad xxoo

The rest of the day followed suite with a trip to one of my favorite neighborhood, taking time to eat food that was not just good but good for me, sitting and being present-just taking in the day for each second it offered, going to the salon to get my hair done, and heading out for the night with some fun and funny ladies. I got to flush out more ideas for the blog, the photography project I am looking forward to taking on, acknowledging I needed to get back to having a life and keeping the “work” and “Ahyana  is not her work” balance, and even considered that maybe just maybe enlisting the help of a counselor might be useful as I continue to adjust.

I finished the day and ultimately the weekend was more calm and more commitment to those practices that I let slip but keep me grounded and able to function at my best self. In fact on my return flight I ran into a sweet couple I met on my flight to SF. The woman told me while she didn’t initially recognize me do to my hair, the smile and bright eyes were what reminded her that we were seat mates a little over 48 hours ago. I smiled even more. I was making a comeback and it was showing. It showed in my anticipation to get back to my basics and it showed after I did. Mission accomplished. Pow! Pow! 

Photo courtesy of Heidi Coleman as pinned on Pinterest

So I am just going to send up prayers this week that you too get a moment to reset, shift, and get back to whatever it is you may have let slip due to navigating your new job, arrival of your new child, recommending of a relationship, news of a medical condition, new of acceptance into a graduate program and starting school, loss of a loved one, etc. My prayer is that you re anchor yourself in a way that you know to be true to who you are so that in time you can set sail again on the course of who you were created to be.

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