The Simply With Them Life

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There are times when I loathe technology and times when I love it. This was a love it time. I was somewhat feverishly researching the young entrepreneur scene in my new city. I read articles saying the city was prime for a renaissance. To date the articles suggested the city was aggressively working on a plan to maintain the thousands of graduates that graduate each spring from three four year universities and two two year universities in the area. Housing projects with funky eateries, trails, and patios were being built. Yet I still roamed block after block of beautifully constructed empty store fronts. Store fronts I would imagine as all kinds of businesses-co ops, cafes, coffee shops, boutiques, bars perfect for happy hours, etc. 

I Googled women entrepreneurs in Spokane and didn’t get much. However I kept clicking and rephrasing  and found out about their newest small business administration with women focused programs, several meet ups for women in business, and then happened upon a link to a co working space. Jackpot! Here was a place where I could certainly connect with other creative types. I missed them. I missed being among entrepreneurial spirits, risk takers, possibility purveyors, collaborative geniuses,  win win solution spotters, and go getters. 

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I sent an email inquiring about when I could see the space and with in minutes I got a reply about scheduling my visit. I sighed a sigh of relief. Just knowing that at some point this week I’d be around the group of people I have often felt most myself, creative, adventurous, and confident was WONDERFUL. Just knowing I was going to be with them did something for me.

Being with them, whoever them is, often impacts us. Sometimes it’s for the better, and sometimes not. We’re relational beings, created and hardwired for relationship. No matter how long you’ve been single, or how many divorces, or break ups (even friendship break ups), we are meant to be with them. Maybe because when it’s a good, healthy, feeds our soul kind of them, we get to live an even richer and fuller life. 

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My mother called not too long before my research for them ensued. We weren’t long into the conversation before she shared who she believed she wanted to be in her bridal party- my sister, a young woman from our old church, and myself. She went on to share the color she wanted us to wear but that we could choose our own style of dress (or jumpsuit, I saw a fabulous one at Nordstrom). I asked my mother that unless there was a man standing proxy for Jesus she may want to secure her husband first. We laughed and she assured me that God was already working that out.

 Now, my mother does this often and has more frequently in the past year. She will call my sister or I and talk about her wedding plans. My sister often reacts a little more strongly than I, which I think encourages my mother’s dream wedding ambush calls, but we both tend to remind my mother she may be getting ahead of herself. She hasn’t been dating anyone that either my sister or I are aware of. That’s kind of important regarding a desire to get married. God doesn’t make men like He used to. No more gathering dirt and blowing in it.

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 For whatever reason I thought about my mother’s call, her words, her expression of a desire, her dream. She wants to remarry and she shares this with my sister and I because I think she believes we are them. That we too believe in love, marriage, healthy relationships. That we too think about weddings, bridal parties, color schemes and the like. That we too would take the risk that comes with the marital relationship. We were/are her them. And when I thought about it this way, I wanted to be a better them for her. I wanted to be more willing to hope and believe with her, the same way I am trusting that being among my them, entrepreneurs, will hope and believe the way I have known many entrepreneurs to be. 

Whether you have the privilege of being a them or being surrounded by them, them is important because them is an extension of us, and we are important. Them will push or pull us toward or from our purpose. We can push or pull others from their purpose. 

Photo courtesy of Uptown

I have no idea if I will join to co working space. No idea if the them I seek will be the them I meet. But at a very basic level, I know I need them. I know I need relationships with people who are similar to me (think I hit my quota for folks different from me). I know when I am in relationship with them I progress toward a better me. I also know that the better I am, the healthier, the more purpose driven and living version I am, I make a better them for friends, family, co-workers, etc. It’s a win win. 

I will keep you posted on the co working space and how things go with finding my them here in Spokane. My hope this week is that you get some time to be with them. That you get to be around whoever it is that inspires, motivates, excites, and even challenges you in order to help you live the life you were designed to live. My hope is that you also return the favor. Be them for someone else and help them along on their journey to a simply LIVEd life.

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