Can’t LIVE Without…50 Shades of Gray

Not the book,  but wearing the color. I’m not one o those you can’t wear white after labor day, or save bright colors for spring and jewel tones for fall kind of girls. I’m more of a wear what you love and makes you feel amazing. If it’s a neon green pleated A line skirt in the middle of January then by all means put it on. If its a crimson cocktail dress in the middle of August, by all means, put it on. Recently I’v been putting on what seems to be a favored neutral this fall- gray.  Whether I’e reached for the silver or grey shoes, picked “Gray Area” to polish my toes with, went for the charcoal v neck instead of the white or black, It’s been pretty apparent of late for  me and the fashion editors of Vogue, Elle, Lucky, Marie Claire, and  In Style, a decision to live in the gray is a decision you can’t LIVE without making this season.  So here’s a little inspiration xxoo

Photo courtesy of Robinette Kelly
Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of Denim
Photo courtesy of Gareth Cattermole
Photo courtesy of Anna Beth as pinned on

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