The Weekend…Art

It started last week with the Terrain artists reception downtown. Then there were the films. There was the one made in the 1950’s, the documentary, and the one that was recently released. Then there was the cooking. As I have capitalized on being able to come home from work for lunch I’ve been cooking everything from habanero mango turkey burgers with kale salad and candied pecans to pene pasta with a fresh garlic and olive oil dressing and grilled chicken sausage.#yum #foodie Oh and let’s not forget the art exhibit on campus. Went twice this week.  So I suppose it’s no wonder that I’ll be keeping it up with more art this weekend, taking a trip to the Art museum here in Spokane and then shopping around selecting/making some pieces of art to hang in my office. Until Monday xxoo

Art courtesy of Alex Brewer

Art courtesy of Jane Perkins as found on Daily
Artwork courtesy of me xxoo
Art courtesy of Finn A. Bair as pinned on
Art courtesy of Pauline Remy

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