Can’t LIVE Without…Breast and Sex (or Supporting Research for Breast Cancer and HIV/AIDS)

It’s October and for as long as I can,  remember when living  back east that meant two things- Breast Cancer Walk and HIV/AIDS Walk. People, self included, were participating in either or both events to help raise awareness and money to research cures for both. I long for the day when the cures have been found and are made accessible to every person on the planet who needs it regardless of race, gender, nationality, class, sexual orientation, or creed. And as a woman, the numbers of diagnosis for both breast cancer and HIV/AIDS is mighty high. So wear your pink and your red, sign up for a walk or race, get your boo and your bff to join you, and also make sure your getting screened and tested (so many places offer free HIV testing, and just an FYI, sex is just one way you can contract HIV). Your health is your responsibility! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Gotham Magazine September 2012

Photo courtesy of Third

Photo courtesy of Saeed T. M. 

Photo courtesy of Beverly Kennedy as pinned on

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of The
Photo courtesy of Thumbs
Photo courtesy of Katy Winn for Getty Images

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