Can’t LIVE Without…Routine

For as much as I like adventure, exploring, and trying new things, I do have a thing for routine. It could be that since relocating that finding my rhythm has become essential to my well being. It could also be that routines are pretty good for helping me feel grounded and confident about who I am and what I like or don’t like, and not feeling any less of a person for it. In any event as I plopped on my couch this morning to read and write I smiled, because it’s just a part of my morning that I love, like so many other parts of my morning. I can’t LIVE Without Routine (at least in the morning).

6:05 AM
The alarm goes off and it’s time to get the day under way.

Photo courtesy of Laura Evans Photography

6:15 AM
Out the door for my morning walk and love those last few strides down Graves Street, a picturesque street that came straight out of Country Living or Real Simple Magazines.

Photo courtesy of

6:40 AM
Tea Kettle put on or morning cup of green tea and I hop in the shower

Photo courtesy of

6:55 AM to 7:15 AM
Read (anything from the Bible to one of three books I’m in between, to some of my favorite blogs), Write , and Pray

Photo courtesy of

7:16 AM
Music turned on and fills the house while I go to my creative room aka my closet and select the day’s look.

Photo courtesy of

7:50 AM
Out the door to walk to the office with the days breakfast in hand.

Photo courtesy of talk

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