Can’t LIVE Without…Cities

As I laid in bed taking in the light of the morning sneaking through the blinds of my bedroom I smiled. It was Sunday and I absolutely love Sundays. I usually head into the city on Sundays, first for church, and then to any number of shops and eateries afterwards. I also smiled because I knew that next Sunday, I’d awake in a different city. “I’m such a city girl,” I thought. And I am. Cities to me are the mecca for creative folk. There is inspiration, awe, and wonder everywhere. It brings me such life and that dear reader is why I’m sharing a few of the cities I’ve gone to, and maybe more importantly, that’s why I can’t LIVE without cities. 

New York
Photo courtesy of Cristi Moise

San Francisco
Photo courtesy of

New Orleans
James and Jayleen Johson as found on

San Diego
Photo courtesy of The

Washington DC
Photo courtesy of Terry Why

Photo courtesy of  Dan Anderson
Photo courtesy of Amanda Pace
Philadelphia aka Where I’m From 
Artwork courtesy of Amy Ragstad

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