The Simply Excited Life

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I was excited for her. In fact over the past couple of days I’d been excited for several people. For my friend who started graduate school. For my sister who finally found the perfect place for her and my nephew to move to.  For my student who had never been to a conference during her time at the university and I not only got to financially support her attendance, but to attend with her. For my friend who said yes, to a date, not a proposal. And for my colleague who was on her way to a conference where a woman who had d been instrumental in her professional and academic career would be here and they’d get to connect.  Lots of excitement.
I didn’t mind telling these people how excited I was for them. I didn’t mind sharing in their happiness, a happiness that wasn’t directly related to me in any way. I didn’t mind cheering on the success of others because to me it was and is a privilege to be a part of the lives of those who are living, experiencing their own joy, and achieving their goals. 
There is something to be said for empathy. For being able to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. It’s a relational authenticity that I’ve seen strengthen relationships and inspire people.
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When I share how excited I am for people I don’t just get a “Thanks girl thanks,” or “It is exciting right?,” or even an “I know.” I also get “It was so hard to wait for this,” or “I almost gave up but I’m glad I didn’t,” or “I never imagined this but thank God.”  The relational authenticity turns into a reciprocal authenticity. My authentic communication of excitement, happiness, and joy for others is returned with the reality of the journey to the very moment we’re excited about.
I get to learn about how hard it was to save for the new place prior to the start of the new job that now offers great benefits and the salary increase to save. I get to learn about the struggle within the male dominated field that assaulted her confidence at times, yet that was fortified as a result of someone having worked through the same challenges in the same male dominated field.  I get to learn about goals and possible career paths and anxieties and fears around choosing correctly or not being enough.  I get to learn about the slow step by step process of putting yourself back out there to date and finally taking a risk and saying yes.  I get to learn about the people with whom I have relationship.
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I’ve said it before and I don’t mind saying it again. We’re relational beings. We thrive in relationships. I like to think we thrive in ones where there is authenticity and reciprocity; where we can rejoice and be excited, learn about the heart aches and smile at the present reason the heart celebrates.
Selfishly I’ll admit, being excited for and with others, helps me to stay hopeful about the things that I want to see come to fruition and be excited about.  It grounds me in the fact that much of life is a process and not to lose heart. It helps me stay focused on my goals and to trust that in due time all that I have worked for will yield results. Very real and exciting results.  
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Plus being excited keeps pity parties away. It keeps us from dwelling on the negative, what didn’t work out, who wasn’t what we wanted or needed, failed expectations, etc.  Excitement focuses on the now and yet. It dwells on the goodness of the moment and the possibility of more goodness in coming moments. See, who wouldn’t  want to be excited?
I’m hoping you get some excitement this week; preferably the drama free kind. I’m hoping that whether it’s yours or someone you know that you get to experience all of the goodness that comes with being excited. The twinkle in the eye, the glowing smile, the laughter, the feeling light and free, the anticipation of goodness and the contentment of a good moment. I’m also hoping that in all of that excitement you’ll take a moment to share it here or on twitter @AhyanaJenise. I’d absolutely love to join in the excitement and to hear your journey to your excitement. xxoo

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