Can’t LIVE Without…Memories from Philadelphia xxoo

I probably should title this “I can’t belive I am writing a post about memories from Philadelphia because I still can’t believe I moved across the country.” I think that might be too long of a title post but it’s true nonetheless. This time last week I was wrapping up a short stint in the city of brotherly love. My trip was a surprise to my family which made for some loud joyful moments, sweet unexpected moments, and one truly sad moment when it was time for me to go. I super enjoyed visiting some of my favorite places like The Green Line, Honey Grow, Cooperage, and Capogiro. Not to mention a new hairstyle with my favorite hair stylist ever, and of course candid moments with some of the most amazing women on the planet. Here’s a snapshot of what that sweet time looked like! xxoo

Waiting for the train at 52nd and Market to head downtown for lunch.
There’s over 40 murals like this along the route of the train.

Breakfast Tacos from my FAVORITE Mexican restaurant in West Philly, Honest Tom’s 

Lunch at The Continental Midtown with my little cousin. Heart her ❤

Lemon Tart at Le Pain Quotidien

If you like it… wink wink xxoo

One of the best women I know

And perhaps one of the goofiest
Another one of the best women I know

Their performance really quacked me up. lol.

Yep, came here more than once, So delish!

Who said men don’t get together and just talk?

Window seat at Honey Grow and a sweet read 🙂

Lavender tea at my favorite neighborhood cafe. Good morning!

The spices of life!

I’d get all three. #iheartart

Not the only one happy for Happy Hour

Making a spectacle of myself 

Thoroughly enjoying my bourbon butterscotch gelato at Capogiro

Decisions! Decisions!

Photo compliments of my dessert youngest brother Matthew. Love. That. Guy.

A message of love from Brother Bang Bang

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