The Weekend…San Francisco xxoo

I wasn’t up before the sun, in anyone’s long line, giving insincere smiles, and saying happy holidays. Nope, nope, and nope. I was in bed until the sun crept through the curtains and I peeked out of the window of my aunt’s second floor Union Square condo and smiled because I am in my favorite city on VACATION. That’s right. Not traveling for work, not working from home, but on vacation and will be all the way through Monday. There’s Sausilto to visit, the Marina to see, French bakeries on Maiden Lane, Aveda to have my hair done at, 1300 on Filmore to dine at, the Oakland Art Museum to get lost in, my aunt to converse with, and a few friends to gather and laugh with.  I’ll update you on the adventure in SF on Twitter @AhyanaJenise. The fun has begun. Until Monday xxoo

Photo courtesy of All

Photo courtesy of Ultra
Photo courtesy of Coastal

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