Can’t LIVE Without…My Favorite Carry On Beauty Goods

This time next week I will be on a plane flying east for birthdays and holidays, family and friends, gatherings and celebrations. I’m so looking forward to it and have already begun packing. This trip calls for a checked bag, which I mostly attribute to packing quite a few options for the festivities. So while I‘ve been more than okay packing a few full size items in the checked bag, like my favorite body butter, and hair products, there are a few travel size beauty items that will be sitting coach in my carry on. I don’t care if it’s a red eye or a middle of the day land by happy hour flight, I don’t buy into looking like crap cause your en route. I mean it. Maybe it’s because I took Kimora Lee Simmons words quite seriously “You always dress your best, you never know who you’ll run into, including your future husband,” that the stress of travel is no excuse for me to look less than my best. That’s where packing beauty goods and refreshing my look comes in handy. I’m sharing a few of the products that I can’t forget to pack in my carry on and you’ll see lots of red. Granted red is such a holiday color, but it’ down right sexy and my goodness, feeling emboldened by a bright red lip or nail color, Pow Pow lashes, and a beautifully bronzed face, is something I can’t LIVE Without. xxoo

Beauty Takes Flight

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