Can’t LIVE Without…Going Home For Christmas

I am airport bound as I publish this post, heading back east for Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve never traveled anywhere for Christmas. I’ve always hosted or at the most gone to my mother’s, and she lived anywhere from 5 minutes away to 45 minutes away. So it’s exciting, now, it wasn’t so exciting when I was booking flights, packing and shipping gifts, and packing my own bag, to travel for Christmas and to travel to see some friendly, familiar, loving faces. I absolutely love Christmas, mostly because it is the greatest hope fulfilled…EVER. And Lord knows I’ve had my hopes smashed several times over this year, yet I still have some and I tell you it grows at Christmas. It grows because according to my faith the world was waiting hundreds and hundreds of years for an inkling of hope and that inkling came as a baby, as Christ, on Christmas. Big need, little package. Love it! I can’t LIVE without Christmas and going home to spend it with some very special people! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Solve Sadsbo

Photo courtesy of Tony Printezis

Photo courtesy of Drew Lazor
Photo courtesy of Mihai Herman
Photo courtesy of Buzz
me circa Christmas 2013 
Photo courtesy of
the close of Christmas 2013…Silent Night

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