Can’t LIVE Without- New Year and New Changes

Photo courtesy of Elite
Well we officially rung in the New Year one week ago and well I am still going to say it –Happy New Year!I spent much of my New Year and the past week in bed with the itis- bronchitis, tonsillitis, and laryngitis. When I wasn’t hacking up a lung, blowing out my eyeballs, or trying to only breathe through my nose and not swallow, I was doing what probably more of us than will admit do around the new year,- thinking, assessing, and evaluating. I think it’s a commercialized habit because really we can do those things and implement change at any moment.
Photo courtesy of From Up
Nonetheless I was assessing and evaluating and there are a few changes that I am making this new year, some in in my personal life, others in my professional life, and a few in my blog life- the life I get to share with you. Starting next week I will be cutting back on the frequency with which I post and posting three days a week, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays.  Monday and Tuesday’s posts will look similar to the ways in which they have for the past year and a half (wow, a year and a half!!!) while Friday will be a little different with a little more flavor and funk. So keep reading, check as often as your heart desires, even if your heart desires to read on a Thursday and feel free to catch me LIVE-ing life, on social media @AhyanaJenise.  xxoo
Photo courtesy of Oh So Beautiful

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