Feelin’ It Friday

Welcome to the weekend. It’s been quite the week here adjusting to being back on the west coast and the start of the new semester on my campus which has meant back to teaching. #LiveandLearn It’s also been a week where I’ve been feelin’ everything from new fashion finds, to new eats #foodie, to changing up the playlist due to one sweet appearance by Missy during the half time show at the Super Bowl this past Sunday, to the words and videos of entrepreneur business guru Maria Forleo. Until Monday! xxoo

Totes Ma Goats
What’s just as fun as a statement tee? A statement tote? And I do ❤ nerds

Photo courtesy of Zullily.com

Lover of kale, lover of chickpeas, lover of simplicity. It doesn’t get simpler than this kale chickpea Cesar salad. And it’s been making it’s way into my lunch all week!

Photo courtesy of Rainbow Delicious.com as pined on Pinterest.com 
Just Like Music 
Who wasn’t feelin’ Missy at the Super Bowl?!!!I know I wasn’t alone in my ridiculous hypeness  when Missy took the stage at the Super Bowl Sunday. And since then she and a few other old school favorites like TLC, Aaliyah, and Brandy have been on constant replay. 
Photo courtesy of US Magazine.com 

Fashion Forward

Absolutely feelin’ this jacket I picked up last week while in DC. Can we talk about how it was $79.00 and I got it for $3.00. #Truth. And those little specks, those my darlings are sequins. In love with this find. xxoo

Photo courtesy of me xxoo
Another fabulous find from ZARA when I was in DC. But this week I’ve been feelin’ letting necklaces like theses and a few others from the likes of Anthropologie and JCrew take the lead in what I choose to wear. Yup, dressing to a necklace this week and it’s really stepped up my creativity. 
Photo courtesy of me xxoo
Business Like a Boss
My coach Akirah Robinson, you can check her amazing self out here, has been awesome in sending me really great resources as I get my life together. One resource she sent my way has been that of Marie Forleo who I strongly suggest you check out here. Warning, she is funny and you will spit your food out and or choke if you watch while eating. She will also get you so fired up that you will want to walk off your job and start your dream business, manage that urge carefully. #Imjustsayin 

Photo courtesy of Daily Worth.com

Words of Wisdom
Stumbled across these words and well I like them so I am sharing them. Sharing is caring! (unless its germs, keep those to yourself).

As pinned on Pinterest.com

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