Feelin’ It Friday

Welcome to the weekend. I have been feelin’ the givin’ and gettin’ of good love all week. I think next to Christmas,  Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday (even if we still have things like work and school to go to).  Any time to just freely spread the love, I am all over that. This week I have sent Vday packages to my sweet nephews, lots of handmade corny Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends from coast to coast, sported shades of red and pink everyday this week and am super looking forward to a weekend full of the things I love. Feelin’ the Love this Friday. Until Monday! xxoo

Photo courtesy of RStyle.me
Photo courtesy of InStyle.com
Photo courtey of RStyle.me

Photo courtesy of Apartment34.com

Photo courtesy of Net A Porter.com
Photo courtesy of I am Baker.net
Photo courtesy of Same Or Not.com
Photo courtesy of Half Baked Harvest.com

Photo courtesy Shop Daily Chic.com

Happy Valentine’s Day! xxoo

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