Feelin’ It Friday

It’s been quite the week. I’ve worked pretty hard to maintain my boundaries this week, probably harder than I have the past few weeks…but it paid off. In fact I got some sweet downtown city time smack in the middle of the week and got to catch up with a new pal I met when I was in DC last month who happened to be in the area 🙂 But I am grateful for the weekend nonetheless, and excited to share all the things I’ve come across this week that have made me beam. Until Monday! xxoo

Missing where I usually feel like I am my best self…CALIFORNIA

Photo courtesy of 11main.com

Yeah, it was the kind of week where I tactfully reminded folks fooled by my smile that they’ve been had. wink wink Saw this and squealed “Exactly!”

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

Cause I’ve had fresh flower deliveries that past few weeks and I love them and the folks who sent them!

Photo courtesy of The Pursuit Aesthetic.Tumblr.com 

This beauty mad it’s way to my inbox courtesy of one of my favorite SF people and favorite photographers everrrrrrrrrrrrrr. A sweet reminder to keep the faith.

Photo courtesy of Marcell Turner

I don’t think these need an explanation as to why I’m feelin’ them. xxoo

Photo courtesy of 11main.hellosociety.com

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