Feelin’ It Friday

Grace comes in the form of Friday this week. Never mind putting in a few hours on Saturday, today, is rest, a moment to pause, a moment to stay focused on what really matters and to let the other things fritter themselves away, and an evening listening and dancing to good music with a really fun gal pal that I’ve enjoyed getting to hang with here on the west coast. Today is the culmination of a week chock full of feelings, from comfort and thanksgiving, to grief over a death and curiosity about a new conviction, to feelin’ strong because of the support of great friends and family and the loveliness of wearing shoes and light jackets because it’s been warm and sunny. Here’s what I’ve got for Feelin’ It Friday. Until Monday! xxoo

Photo courtesy of More Than Ideas.Tumblr.comIt’s Women’s History Month and being a woman is a huge part of my identity that I revel in

Photo courtesy of Darling Details.com
How I have longed to introduce Spokane, WA to my splendid selection of flats this week.
Photo courtesy of Studded Hearts.blogspot.com
It’s green (my favorite color after pink)  and sparkly…need I say more. 
Photo courtesy of Black and Killing It.com
I love my collection of accessories and a colleague stopped this week to tell me she loved my collection too. It’s in the details. xx

Photo courtesy of My Natural Family.com
Cause I am ALWAYS in the mood for good food…
and a trip to my favorite gluten free friendly place in town…Boots!
Photo courtesy of The Urban Daily.com
So this week Anthony Hamilton ahs been on repeat, especially
his song Love and War with Macy Gray. All is fair xxoo

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