Feelin’ It Friday

It’s Friday and I am…out of the office and enjoying the day oh so VERY much. In fact…I am out of the office until Monday March 30th. Granted my time away is for both work and play, but I’m a girl who thrives with a change of pace. So I’m thriving! It’s been a sweet week with some great Women’s History Month events on campus, interviews for new student leaders who’s excitement about the work we would do together is contagious, a visit from a friend back east, my own travels away from the west, awaking to news of another one of my books selling (if you’re thinking what book just click here), and oh to the contrary of the tears of last week this week has bought so much laughter and kind reminders that change is coming and everything will be alright. Enough about my week, here’s what I’m feelin’ this Friday. Until Monday! xxoo

Photo courtesy of Frou Frou Fashionist.Tumblr.comIt’s pink and there’s lots of it! xxoo
Photo courtesy of Valerie Renee
Yup it’s a real. That’s me, you can buy it here and read it wherever your heart desires!

Photo courtesy of The Artful Desporado.com
Wearing peachy springy citrusy colors and eating them is absolutely  delightful! #Spring

Photo courtey of JiNa Lee
Lola Oso of Act4Accountability spoe with our students about the 276 missing girls in Nigeria and how that event pushed her to start her organization and start a movement to #BringBackOurGirls and hold the Nigerian government accountable.
Photo courtesy of Project Soiree.com
Yes I love Fridays but come on, it only gets better the two days following. I’m just sayin’.  #Happyweekending
Photo courtesy of RalphLauren.com
10 days and 3 cities #theskyismyhome

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