Feelin’ It Friday– From Philadelphia to Orlando

Happy Friday from Orlando! Last Friday I was feelin’ it in the snow. Yes, the first day of spring and I was on the east coast and there was snow. This Friday I’m feelin it from the warm  humid but sunny Orlando, Florida.  In between last Friday and this Friday it’s been quite a week, full of catching up with friends, spending time with family, eating at restaurants old and new, shopping at favorites like Zara and Anthropologie (I actually had to ship a few things back west instead of in my suitcase), and well I’m just going to share a little bit of the greatness that I was feelin’ all week. Until Monday! xxoo

Not only do I agree but see I just so heart Zara xx
There have been more of these stencils all over the city but I thought this one was kinda cool.

The BEST huevos rancheros everrrrr. Courtesy of Sabrina’s when I was brunching with my roommate from undergrad. #foodie

What’s not to love about my east coast nephew? Love him! 
Not only did I find a sweet dress at Urban Outfitters but I came across this lovely scent, it’s sweet spring in a bottle. 
I’m a city girl…and a Starbucks green tea latte girl. 
They make sweet treats that are perfect for the gluten free me. I’d show the treats inside…
but you might think me a bit greedy. 
I love to laugh and so I totally took advantage of comedy week.  

I got to take this guy, aka mi Padre, to Shake Shack for the first time and well- he was pleased 🙂 

And so this is the view from my balcony and where I will be hanging out for the next few days
and getting  to talk to folks about diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

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