The Simply "Amen" Life

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Amen. It’s a single Hebrew word that I am certain is super familiar to folks regardless of spiritual beliefs or religious affiliations and means “So be it.” It’s used to affirm that which has been spoken, read, petitioned, or prayed for. So when I reread the email this morning, and thought about the rich conversations I had with good friends like Carly, Silvie, and Magda, I could only mutter “Amen.”
I could only affirm the truths about me that the email reiterated and the truths laden in the words spoken by these absolutely lovely ladies. I could only agree and remind myself to let those things, to let me, be. Not do, not earn, not learn, not try, just be. Amen incorporates being. “So let me be” I told myself. So let you, all that you are, all those gifts, talents, peculiarities, and idiosyncrasies, passions, hopes, dreams, struggles, ponderings, be. Amen. 
I don’t know if it’s the gift of the familiar that allows me to embrace being with ease, or that I have a growing group of wise people who have bathed in the beauty of being, or the people I really admire in my life and have reached out to much more frequently as of late have discovered and gushed as they shared about being that I am finding myself less anxious about the doing, trying, earning, and learning (and by learning I don’t mean for pleasures sake I mean learning to earn approval or make a try into a completed success). I have found myself confidently willing to let things, people, and me- be. 
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Furthermore, I have been letting the truths of who I am be. A smidge more difficult but just as necessary and worth it. When I listened to the truths that my fiends reminded me of, I didn’t say “yes but” or “I used to..” or “Actually as of late…”  I agreed because they were only speaking what they knew to be true of me and true over the years. They weren’t reminding me of who I was, or could be, but exactly who and how I am. They were simply encouraging me to be present in those truths, in my resourcefulness, my creativity, my resiliency, my thoughtfulness, my brilliance. my love. Amen.
I think sometimes in life allowing things or ourselves to be can seem counter cultural. Here in the US we are gold medal Olympians at doing. I think we coined, patented, and trademarked the term “multitask.” We are lean mean doing machines. I don’t know and don’t want to know the Hebrew word for “So do it,” At least not right now. Maybe if I was talking about behavior modification or entrepreneurship or something. But not today. We equate being with apathy, giving up, or some strange form of forced contentment. To choose to acknowledge that which must simply be is strange to us, yet so necessary for our well-being and our ability to best do the things we are purposed to do. It’s hard to do what you are purposed to do if you don’t allow yourself to be who you were purposed to be. 
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As my time here in Philadelphia winds down and I prepare to head to Orlando to speak at the National Conference on Student Leadership I find myself quietly appreciating the opportunities I’ve had during my time her to just be. I’ve appreciated that my being and the truths of my being have dictated and paced my doing. The truth of me being a relational person but also a person committed more than ever to self care has made room for me to look at the reality of my time here and carefully and use it wisely to spend time with friends and family, handle responsibilities as it pertains to my house that is being sold, keep up with work, and still find time to read, write, and rest. 
My hope this week is that as you look at all you believe must be done that you’d make room for that which must be. Perhaps the relationship you are trying to make work by doing any number of things needs to just be for a while. Maybe the parent you assist yet often demands more and more of your time needs to be for an extra 30 minutes so that yo can just be at the salon getting a manicure and pedicure. Maybe dinner doesn’t have to be on the table by 6pm, maybe you let folks fend for themselves so that you can just be in your room reading a magazine, or walk to the coffee shop for a chai tea and a window seat. Furthermore this week, when your boss stops by and says the presentation you did was amazing and really highlighted how passionate you are about the project- Amen. When your best friend says for the tenth time your an amazing host and a bed and breakfast is something you could pull off with your organized business savvy self- Amen. When the boo hits you with “We need to talk. I think we need a break,” -Amen. When the stranger on the subway or at the gas station says you are absolutely gorgeous- Amen. When your colleague says you’ve outgrown the position you’re in and you should really start looking for a position that will challenge you and allow you to use your gifts- Amen. May your week resound with a chorus of Amens! 

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  1. MsDooyah · April 2, 2015

    I don't know why I read the last paragraph in TD jakes voice but I seriously thought I was in church for a minute! Girl AMEN!!! 🙌🙌


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