The Simply Interrupted Life

Photo courtesy of HVRD STYLE

I would just like to say that I am NOT a huge fan of interruptions. I am much more of the power through it, get it done, then reward yourself for a job well done. If only life shared my theory.
And since it doesn’t it decided to let me know in an abundantly clear manner.

I’m not doing too awesome readers and my “make it work,” “buckle down”, “It’s not that bad” (the heck it is) “power through it,” “just try this,” methods aren’t working. My health has been interrupted and while I spent last week pissed off about this interruption, I’m starting to see it as what at some point I will totally refer to as an “Aha” moment, the moment that saved my life, the perfectly tailor made just for Ahyana Jenise King kick in the bottom that I needed but never ever wanted. 

The docs and I agreed some downtime was in order and by down time, that not only includes time away from my 9-5, but includes blogging for a bit. Don’t worry, I will absolutely keep writing. I can’t not write. It’s such a huge part of who I am, but writing as a blogger needs to pause, as does a whole lot of other things.

I’ve never wanted to be the blogger who blogs inconsistently. I’ve also never wanted to be the blogger who only shares how I’ve overcome, solved, fixed, or completed something and how you can too. I value consistency and transparency. So I will offer my consistence in being transparent.  I will tell you that things are hard, needing to take a real break (not a long weekend to SF, LA, or back east), needing to be brutally honest about some really big decisions, and having some of the hardest conversations I’ve had in a long time absolutely SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

But I will also say this, I am hopeful. I am tired, teary eyed, still a little pissed, but incredibly hopeful. It is this hope that I am confident will keep me afloat in the coming weeks, will put things in proper perspective, will help me make courageous decision that reflect my purpose in life and will roll out the red carpet that I will absolutely strut down to get towards the life that was perfectly tailored for Ahyana Jenise King.


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