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The Simply Celebrated Life

Photo courtesy of Late Afternoon Blog

So here we are, year two of The Simply LIVEd Life. Cue the confetti, champagne, and balloons falling from the sky. Turn up the music, light the candles, and CELEBRATE! I absolutely love to celebrate. I love any reason to throw on a work inappropriate dress (although I often believe the dresses are appropriate it may be the work or job that isn’t), funky shoes, send invitations whether scooped up at Paper Source, hand crafted by me, or something I put together courtesy of evite, making my place festive, making someone else’s place festive, or meeting at a festive place in the city. I will celebrate that it’s Tuesday or Friday, that I got the new job or received rejection letter/email/call number 85 (true story- in one year 85 rejections), finished the blog post I have edited twelve times over, the 1st, 2nd, or 5th date went amazingly well, that my sister called and said my nephew was fully potty trained, or Asparagus is on sale at Safeway. You get it. I got a thing for celebrating. It was so not always this way. I did not inherit a “celebrate” gene from my parents. I wasn’t injected with celebrate serum as a kid by any of my four siblings. On the contrary- I didn’t fall head over Nikes for celebrating until I was 22 years old. In fact, I’d say that celebrating was gifted to me by one of my dearest friends Stephanie. We were only about a year into our friendship, my 22nd birthday was on the rise and when I told Steph I had no plans she gave me a mild look of horror and disapproval. Later that day she asked me to send her a list of the names and email addresses of friends/family and that she was planning a 22nd birthday gig for me. She’d handle all the details and I’d just need to show up and look pretty. I could handle that. It was such a sweet celebration. About a dozen of us were seated sidewalk side at The Continental in Old City Philadelphia. The evening was perfect, not too hot or humid, accepting of my hair in large chunky wavy curls (#Naturallycurly) and a strapless army fatigue maxi dress (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it). We ate, sipped, and laughed.

Photo courtesy of Vogue Italia

After that, I was hooked. And it totally helped that Steph was constantly inviting me to celebrations. Her grandmother’s birthday, cousin’s holiday BBQ, a church anniversary. You name it she was asking if I wanted to come with. I even got to coordinate her youngest sister’s wedding a few years ago- talk about being all in for celebrating. So why am I all googly eyed for celebrating? Because take away the leopard print bodycon dress, pop of color royal blue Jimmy Choos, pull back the chunky curls into a ponytail, place the bangles on the bedside table, wash away the Smashbox foundation, MAC eyeshadow, Covergirl nude lip and you’ve got a person who when celebrated on a super basic level is acknowledged and validated. Celebrations acknowledge and validate. I see you- I see what you’ve been through, what you’ve accomplished, what you are working or moving towards. Who doesn’t want to be seen and validated? No one. Not a single one of us. You know why? Because we are relational people. We thrive in the context of relationship. You can’t have a relationship with someone you don’t see. People don’t know they are seen if you don’t validate their existence.

Photo courtesy of  Ash Hall

Photo Credit Ash Hall

Yes yes there are tons of ways to acknowledge and validate, to communicate you care for and value someone. I just love talking about doing that in the form of celebrating them, and yourself.  You can totally celebrate yourself. You got into school? Celebrate. Finally broke up with the person you knew 48 dates ago and 39 sleepovers ago was no bueno? Celebrate. Doctor gave you three months to live and you’re on year 3? Celebrate. This month on The Simply LIVEd life we’re going to talk about celebrating. We’ll talk about how we celebrate ourselves, our kids, significant others, those who have passed away, etc. There will be give aways for you to use as you celebrate and opportunities for you to hang out with me on social media to chat about celebrating. Before June 2015 is over you may not love celebrating as much as me, but you won’t shy away from it. You’ll get bubbly about going out or staying in to acknowledge and validate you or someone you care about over a glass of bubbly. xxoo

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