LIVE-ing for the Weekend by Celebrating With Friends

I firmly believe friends are the family you get to handpick. They make life so sweet and are some of the best people to celebrate with. Here’s what a few friends and readers had to say about how they celebrate with friends. And…there’s no time like to weekend to get together and get to celebrating. Until Monday! xxoo

“I love to kickback, talk, and have food and drinks. Food and drinks are very much involved. If it’s an extra special celebration- we’re going dancing.” -Silvie

Photo courtesy of James White

Photo courtesy of James White

“I love everything from getting together over drinks and appetizers, having dinner in the city or hosting dinner in my home, or doing something together like bowling, skating, or movies. “- Stephanie

“I love to host a good party, especially a theme party. Some of my favorite themes are 80’s, Legoes, or a pink and gold themed brunch. I also love when celebrating includes something we can do together like make pizza for the pizza party, or paint, etc.”- Amy

How do you like to celebrate with your friends? #DaretoShare

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