Celebrating Your Significant Other

In the wake of last week’s massacre in Charleston, South Carolina where 9 people were murdered I still want to talk about celebrating. At first I was hesitant, never mind that last Monday on the blog we talked about celebrating those who have passed away. I was hesitant because the undercurrent of celebration is joy and how does one insert joy in the wake of tragedy? Yet as I have read the snippets of who the victims were in the attack I am reminded they were humans, real live people who bought joy to the lives of those with whom they were in relationship. They were significant in the lives of the people who knew them and that is certainly worthy of celebration! So here are a few words from a few women as they talk about how they celebrate the significant others in their lives.

Photo courtesy of Kristin Vining Photo Blog.com

Photo courtesy of Kristin Vining Photo Blog.com

“My husband is such a blessing to me and our children . I celebrate him by taking time to recognize his gifts, encouraging his growth and supporting him in all ways to achieve his dreams. I show him how much he means by telling him and affirming it with planning special times for us to enjoy his favorite things. Planning things to take part in with the family is a big one for him as well.  We spend time with each other and our children as my husband counts that as one of his favorite things. Celebrating my husband means many things, but most importantly as long as it’s based on love and fun family times, that’s a winner for us all.”- Shakirrah R.

“Privately sitting down together and with eye to eye contact and listening and taking in the entire story of the accomplishment to celebrate. Then, the next time our family gets together, talking about it with them as we enjoy dinner together.”- Dale S.

“I celebrate my husband by cooking his favorite meal which is teriyaki salmon and surprising him with a gift.”- Kresence C.

So how do you celebrate your significant other?

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