The Simply Independent Life

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I have spent the past couple of days with one of the sweetest cutest brightest three year olds I know rocking the planet, my nephew Jalen. I’ve woken up to his whispers “Auntie”, pecks on my cheek, pats on my back, and Ninja Turtle action figures ready for battle. I’ve also had him fiercely communicate that he did not want or need my help. In fact, about three days into my visit I said to my sister “I’m not sure why I even offer to help.” and my sister responded “I don’t either.” With each refusal of my assistance I observed Jalen do what he knows he is capable of ding. His refusal of my help wasn’t about too much pride to accept help, it wasn’t him being contrary.  It was truly and purely him communicating that he knew  what he needed and didn’t need,  wanted and didn’t want, and that he was capable of doing what he believed he needed to do for the outcome he wanted. That to me is the hallmark of the Indie spirit. It is the embracing of one’s abilities, vision, talents, and gifts, and allowing them to be unapologetically communicated.

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Welcome to July good people. This month we’re talking about the Indie(independent) Spirit. I’m excited to have a few amazing indie spirits share their journey, thoughts, challenges, successes, and hopes this month. I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue to inspire you to  draft, edit, and execute a life that you can say exemplifies your LIVE-ing well. 

Legend has it that when I was a kid I was pretty independent. I’m also pretty sure that if you had a chance to chat t up with mi madre or padre they’d say I never grew out of my indie spirit. As I’ve gotten older I have grown to love the very things that make me who I am and on most days gushing with love and affection with who I am. It is this spirit, this intimacy with that which makes me me, that allows me to enjoy my life stride, smile politely at on lookers,but not to lose step, misstep, or change my stroll to resemble another’s. It’s what keeps me curating the life I envision for myself comfortably, probably as comfortable as my nephew is when I ask if he needs my help and he says “No, I can do it Auntie.”

Looking forward to exploring, discussing, unpacking, defining, redefining, and celebrating your Indie Spirit this month! xxoo 

Photo courtesy of Pure

Photo courtesy of Pure

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