LIVE-ing for the Weekend- Making Moves

Welcome to the weekend! If your week was anything like mine, it breezed right on by. My week was full of getting together with friends over coffee and happy hour, cooking, baking, and dessert outing with family, morning workouts at the gym with my sister, bedtime stories and routines with my youngest nephew, enjoying downtown Philadelphia trying on dresses for my birthday (which is 2 weeks away) and collecting items and ideas for my new east coast home- the home that I am headed to in just about an hour!  It was equally full of working towards personal and professional goals, reading and sending emails, staying on top of things related to my move and new space,etc.  I have had  a wonderfully blessed full week and expect my weekend to be similar. May you have an equally blessed weekend, and may it be full of everything you need (grocery shopping and rest) and sprinkled with things you want (the only pair of jimmy choos left in your size and on sale and your first date with so and so to go amazingly well). Work hard and play harder because….

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Until Monday! xxoo

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