Indie Spirits We Admire

Photo courtesy of E

The past few weeks of transition have meant I get to gather with and catch up with friends and fellow readers. And post coffee, or initial commentary on the blog…I pick their brain. Last week I shared a few of my favorite fashionable women who capture the  #IndieSpirit and today I am sharing what a few folks had to say about women in their lives or who have impacted the way they LIVE who capture the #IndieSpirit.

“June Ambrose. She is a graceful example of the balance of all things creative along with motherhood. She inspires me on a multitude of levels and does so rocking a style I admire, one that modestly covers the body yet s runway ready. She also eludes humility and openness. And finally, she didn’t’ let her “hip-hop” roots box her in.”  – Serena S.


Photo courtesy of Refinery 29

“There is a woman who is like a second mother to me and a spiritual mentor.  No matter what society deems the “norm” she remains consistent is and doesn’t waver for anyone. I think that’s really rare in the time we live in so I really appreciate and admire that about her.” – Brittney W.

“There are many women I admire and especially for their #IndieSpirit. My maternal grandmother is one of them. She had her own business in Haiti. She us an incredible gardener  with a keen sense of good soil and patience to nourish  seeds. Her gardening skills and produce were her claim to fame. And she also is a really good listener. She knows how to listen to people and not everyone knows how to hush up and listen.”      – Stephanie S.

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