The Women Fellas Have Fallen In Love With

Photo courtesy of Emmy Lowe

Photo courtesy of Emmy Lowe

While The Simply LIVEd Life is a space primarily for women, it’s also for those who love us-including the fellas. We’re talking about falling in love this month with everything from careers, relationships, and the very things that make us who we are. But today I’m going to share what a few fellas shared when I asked them to think of one woman that they loved or love, and share what they love(d) most about them. From coast to coast, this is what they had to say:

Her laughter and the way she understood me in many ways most people don’t. They way she would care about me and the things I was interested in and also allowed me to be myself and care for her in the same way… Because I try to be that way with everyone. Its just not always reciprocated.”- MT

“What did I love most about her? Her independence. It allowed her the opportunity to share with me how and when she wanted me in life…it gave the power to dictate when she could rely on me for support, etc…rather than me demanding such things from her. It was (and still is) the most attractive part of her…to see her strong and independent and vulnerable all at different times.”-MS

“I love her ability to see people.”-JS

“I love my mom’s heart for people she doesn’t even know. She’s the person who stops and helps the person stranded in the rain with their kid, holds up traffic to help someone get all the way across the boulevard, and helps the homeless person that all the ‘more jaded’ people think probably isn’t really even homeless and is just scamming.“-AB

“I would have to say the thing that made me love her most was how goofy we could be around eachother and it wasn’t weird but fun and created memories.”-MK

“I enjoyed that we grew together. I loved that she listened, didn’t nag, and allowed me to be myself.”-BR

“She was supportive and selfess.“- WC

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